Overland Park Prostitution Defense Lawyer
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Have you been charged with Prostitution or a similar offense?

If you find yourself facing a charge of prostitution you need help. A charge for prostitution can cause many problems aside from the criminal proceedings. It can cause problems with family, friends, your church, your job, as well as considerable embarrassment. The negative social stigma can be unbearable. You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side from the outset of your arrest. A single charge of prostitution can cause a person to have a criminal record, a tarnished reputation, and possibly even jail time.

The criminal defense lawyers at Copley Roth & Davies LLC know that when you have been charged with a crime nothing can be more stressful. Your freedom, livelihood, family, and reputation are all on the line. The stakes simply do not get any larger. When you come in for your free consult you will be treated with respect and dignity, we are not here to judge you, only to help you through this problem.

We want to help you and answer your questions. Below are a list of commonly asked questions by people accused of prostitution. Remember, the questions and answers below are not legal advice. Your particular circumstance may involve different legal issues. No internet site is a substitute for a consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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What is the Kansas Law on Prostitution?

Kansas State Statute
21-3512: Prostitution. (a) Prostitution is performing for hire, or offering or agreeing to perform for hire where there is an exchange of value, any of the following acts:
(1) Sexual intercourse;
(2) sodomy; or
(3) manual or other bodily contact stimulation of the genitals of any person with the intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desires of the offender or another.
(b) Prostitution is a class B nonperson misdemeanor.

What kind of punishment am I facing?

Under Kansas Law 21-4502, a class B misdemeanor is limited as such:

" Class B, the sentence for which shall be a definite term of confinement in the county jail which shall be fixed by the court and shall not exceed six months. "

How much trouble am I really in?

Per Kansas Law you can go to jail for up to six months, generally most people do not go to jail for anywhere near that amount of time on a prostitution charge. However that being said, a person that is accused of prostitution needs to understand that court is not where the final trouble ends. If a defendant gets a conviction for this charge then they will have a criminal record. That criminal record will have to be disclosed on job applications, school application, professional license applications, et cetra. The conviction will follow you around and you will have to explain the criminal charge many times in your life. It will also be used against you to build your criminal history score if you get in any more trouble in the future.

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