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Have you been charged with Assault in Kansas?

An argument broke out. Things were heated. Now you find yourself charged with assault in the state of Kansas. Your first assumption may be I kept my cool I didn't hit or touch anyone, I can't get in trouble if I didn't hurt anyone. Think again. In Kansas, you don't have to hurt someone or actually even touch them to be charged with assault. If you caused another person to be in fear that you were going to cause them immediate bodily harm and that fear was reasonable, you can be found guilty of assault.

If you have been charged with assault you are probably scared, confused, and have many questions. You have a lot at stake. Your freedom, money, family, criminal record, and job may be on the line. Don't shoulder this burden alone. You need the advice and assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. The attorneys at Copley Roth and Davies LLC are committed to preserving your rights. We offer the type of personal attention and aggressive legal representation necessary in order to obtain the best outcome possible for our clients. At Copley Roth and Davies LLC our attorneys take the time to get to know our client's goals with any given case. We take the time to investigate and evaluate the evidence in your case and give you honest and accurate legal advice. Our attorneys will give you the information that you need so that you can make a careful and informed decision about how to proceed with your case.

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Look below for commonly asked questions about Assault charges

What is the Kansas Law on Assault?

The Kansas law on Assault is a very simple two sentence law. Here is the text.

"Assault is intentionally placing another person in reasonable apprehension of immediate bodily harm. Assault is a class c person misdemeanor."

What kind of punishment am I facing?

Under Kansas Law 21-4502, a class C misdemeanor is limited as such:

"Class C, the sentence for which shall be a definite term of confinement in the county jail which shall be fixed by the court and shall not exceed one month."

How much trouble am I really in?

It is a low level misdemeanor that usually involves a fine and in extreme cases a jail sentence. A person that is accused of Assault needs to understand that court is not where the final trouble ends. If a defendant gets a conviction for assault then they will have a criminal record. That criminal record will have to be disclosed on job applications, school application, professional license applications, et cetra. The conviction will follow you around and you will have to explain the criminal charge many times in your life. It will also be used against you to build your criminal history score if you get in any more trouble in the future.

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