Overland Park Defective Products Liability Attorney
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Have you been injured by a faulty product?

Scores of people are injured every day using manufactured products for their intended use. Faulty components, poor designs, or downright unsafe construction can be the cause of serious, life-altering injury. Normal people using normal products can be seriously hurt and their life forever changed. Injured parties often do not understand their rights and can be fooled into bearing the burden on an injury caused by a defective product when they do not have to. If you need an attorney to stand up for your rights and seek a remedy for your injury call the attorneys at Copley Roth and Davies LLC today for a free consult.

The attorneys at Copley Roth and Davies LLC have the resources and knowledge necessary to take on the big corporations and big insurance companies. Remember you only have a short time to assert a claim for damages. Failure to timely file suit can forever bar your recovery. Call our office today for a free consultation.

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