Overland Park Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer
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Has your loved one been the victim of Nursing Home Abuse?

Everyone ages. Our bodies get older and become more susceptible to injury and disease. Often the care and maintenance of an elderly person can be too much for a family to undertake alone and a professional care service is the only option. It is a fact of life that many good people at one point of their life must live in a nursing home. Many of these homes are full of caring and trustworthy caregivers, but many are not. Nursing home abuse is at epidemic levels. Your mother or your father may be a victim, and you might not know.

If you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect you need to act. You need the assistance of an attorney that focuses on personal injury. You need an attorney that can investigate and understand the complex nature of nursing home abuse and related injuries. You need legal help.

The clock is ticking on your loved one's claim. From the moment they are injured they only have a short time to assert a claim for damages. If they fail to assert their rights in a timely manner their claim may be barred and their recovery lost. Waiting and hoping is not an option. You need an attorney that will aggressively represent your interests. Call our office today to schedule a free consult and evaluation of your case.

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